Italy can legitimately be considered as the country offering the largest selection of high-quality wines, in virtue of its geography that favours viniard-growing regions of quite different natures.
The vicinity of the sea and of such different terrains as plain and mountains creates a unique mix of lucky factors that favour the productions of a large variety of quality wines.
Our favourite WINE TASTINGS are through the CHIANTI Region in Tuscany and other areas in UMBRIA, VENETO (North-East of the country), PIEMONTE (North-West of the country), SICILY (South) and Castelli Romani (East of Rome).
WINE TASTINGS are customized to suit the most sophisticated expectations and can be planned together with visits to places of historical and cultural interest.
We also suggest to enquire about our expertise in finding traditional and celebrated Restaurants and "Trattorie" among those that make this country's high-cousine and excellent food world famous. Any Wine Tasting can also be coupled with GRAPPA and OLIVE OIL Tasting.
Grappa is a highly alcoholic liqueur, usually colourless, distilled from dregs of previously pressed high-quality grapes.
A relatively great variety of Grappas are produced, depending on the area and on the specific grapes.


The EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is one of the 3 basic elements of the Mediterranean diet. The geographical triangle formed by Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio offers the best quality in the world.
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